Sunday, December 28, 2014

Friday, December 12, 2014

Our new house to be

Yey, for almost two years of waiting!

But there's a bunch of retouches to be done, maybe a month or two more.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Could this really be Mike Ross' Bike (Suits USA)

If so, seems a beauty and solid. Plus the flip/flop rear hub - features a reversible rear hub with fixed gear on one side and freewheel thread on the other.

More about it here.

I don't know, maybe :)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Grape API Routing Test

I got confused on this for sometime :)

It's basically the same resource as you would on a normal rails controller. But with Grape, it's hidden inside this micro-framework. But it doesn't mean it cannot be tested.

For example, you need to upload an avatar. You can start by writing this test:

it 'works' do
  post '/api/avatar'
  expect(response.status).to eql(201)

Then make it pass by adding simple Grape resource

resource :avatar do
  desc 'Upload user avatar'
  post do
    # empty, nothing to do yet, just checking response.status

Basically, this is exactly the same as writing routes examples under spec/routing, except that it's already combined within a request or feature tests.

Friday, November 28, 2014

I love what I see!

What a view on a Thursday morning. Even from the outside, people can see this. Wonder what they'd think :)

From left to right: Bickerton Junction 1707, Dahon and Sava

Sunday, November 23, 2014

First post using Blogger mobile app

Ok. Let's give this a try.

My blog site has migrated twice this time. It started from own virtual host, moves to openshift, now it's on Blogger platform. Though it's owned(?) by Google, it's quite different from other Google apps on the SLA, I've read somewhere, or maybe I'm wrong.

Originally, this site is on Wordpress, Wordpress is really good open source framework and lots of features and all that, but it's always a subject for hacking. It got defaced couple of times, even without sensitive information, it's time consuming putting it back together and contacting the host vendor on what happened and what are the precautions to prevent this. But that goes on, maybe three or four times, so I gotta move on. 

Then openshift, this one is good, free PHP and limited files hosted, that's all I needed. But Wordpress mobile app doesn't play nice with it. It requires SSL to your host so the mobile app can login to wp-admin, the basic plan uses your openshift URL to connect via https. I plan to upgrade plan, but they do not accept payment from outside Europe and U.S., at least the time when I tried. I needed to write down my thoughts somehow, and make it ready for publishing, revising, attaching photos, etc. But I also wanted to do it on mobile, yeah, compose a post on my phone, why not? And continue updating it on desktop when I can. So what I wanted to do with my blog is continuity. I think that's all I wanted to write in this post. If I need to resume on desktop, I could. Later, or finish it here, right here, right now. 

Up for blogger on this one. 

Whichever platform you transfer to, you have fix paths for images, and internal URL references.