Lolcommits for Yammer

Checkout code:

git clone
cd lolcommits
gem build lolcommits.gemspec

Go to your project directory

$ cd my_app
$ gem install ../lolcommits/lolcommits-0.5.2.gem

Enable lolcommits

lolcommits --enable

Then configure Yammer

lolcommits --config

Type yammer in the prompt, and follow the next instructions.

Post your lolcommits image in Yammer when you commit!


* to be tracked, lol


Spent some time with the elderlies

It’s my birthday today, and we decided, my sister and I (her birthday was yesterday), to spend it with the elderlies near our hometown. Different from what would probably flood your newsfeed tonight about gifts, reunions, greetings, parties or the usual selfies or groupies, we choose to spend some time first before Christmas Eve with elderlies at Bahay Puso, Balanga, Bataan. Who knows when they had their last visit from their family was, or if they still have relatives out there.

Initially, I wanted this to happen silently. Because I remember a verse in Mathew since childhood – “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing”. I know what it means, but discussing it with my family and few friends helped me push myself and make it happen, of course, with their help. And as the day approaches, some part of me is saying this will never see the light of day, I fear. But lately, with the recent calamities that hit our land, I’m now living up to the idea (which I had few serious long discussion about it with my significant other) – That if you want to give, just give, don’t think! Because when you reason, you probably won’t be able give at all. Don’t expect anything in return, just give, nothing more! Don’t even think of the reward in heaven. Don’t even think that the people who will receive it will be ungrateful. Don’t even think what the people will say. Will it be good to the recipient or not. Like what you are thinking right now, I don’t give an f haha! And also add up the news that Aetas were able to donate their harvest, Tawi kids worked to share a kilo of rice, sardines and thirty pesos. It would be so damn shameful for us who eats thrice or more in a day not to do anything. And here, looking no farther, is a place for elders needing attention, aside from the staff at Bahay Puso.

Today, with the help of my family, we’re just here to give

The publicising part is to set an example, or perhaps was affected that Catholicism has undergone evolutionary changes, to become modern and reasonable religion as Pope Francis said. Look how Yolanda relief operation ran unmonitored, that topic seriously deserves it’s own post.

Anyway, here are some photos:

One elder asked from which apostolate were we representing, I said “Wala po Lola, kami po bilang pamilya ay masaya na ng magkakasama, gusto lang po namin ibahagi at makibahagi rin sa inyo ngayong pasko”. After saying that and repeated it to myself, I thought it wasn’t that bad.

And here’s the feeling accomplished pose:

Here are some photos that should not be posted:

Afterwards, a visit in provincial jail because we need to, different story and a sad one. But we cannot bring in phones or cameras inside. So here’s while we were waiting for the gate to open.

While inside the jail, this time of the year, all seems normal and almost everyone had visitors. Laughing and sharing food on benches and tables, couples like dating in the park. And guess what, they were preparing five lechon and it was almost done just before we left.

And lastly, we involved the kids but made sure they understand what was going on.

Words are just words

For me, when you start committing with your schedules, you start to realise you are beginning to keep up to everything you promise, even those babbles.

Things start to follow suit.

Back in 2007-ish, I work at morning shift, which starts at 7am. I find that I’m so committed being on that time in the morning. Maybe a few minutes late sometime, but on average, I’m 90 percent on time and early with my schedule.

As years go by, I found myself getting frustrated when people don’t show up when they set a schedule. If I set the time or they, it doesn’t matter. It’s annoying to keep people waiting. But I’d rather be the one waiting. Whenever I’m the one running late, I call and text people expecting me an hour ahead of our schedule. And I keep them up-to-date on my ETA, where I’m at and so on. This happen really seldom, I don’t like people waiting for me, seriously.

Later on, I realise, it’s not just about schedules I’m getting frustrated when unmet. I also hold on people with their words. Perhaps that is how I am now – I stick to my words no matter what, I do hope though, really.

Lately, I’m evaluating myself on how say things, and how they materialise. At work, when I say “I’ll get it done by tomorrow”, or “I can finish it in an hour or two”, they actually do. And when something’s blocking me or really sets me at wits ends, I speak it out. This is why is this and that’s that, and why it’s taking me sometime, blah blah blah. Just real stuff.

So what’s this post all about? It’s about your words. Your words are just words, it’s value is what you give to it.

Life of a Logger

Imagine the life of a logger.

He sees a lot of things happening around him, but he can’t do anything about it.

He usually writes everything while in development. But in production he only writes what’s important, or what you told him to.

He knows a lot of errors and exceptions, including the backtrace. But he can’t log password, even it the password is password.

He knows when did something start, and when it ended, including the date, especially what caused something to and when it failed. But all these will be archive and set aside via logrotate.

He can log all these for you – software engineer. But make sure the disk isn’t full.